6 Tips to Get Your Summer Adventure Fix


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6 Tips to Get Your Summer Adventure Fix

Looking to do something a bit more adventurous than relaxing by a pool this summer? Lucky for you, Bucks County is chock-full of fun adventures! Check out six local activities to help you get your summer adventure fix:

1. Trapeze Flying: If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, look no further! Fly School Circus Arts, located in Camp Kirby in Upper Black Eddy, will deliver the rush of a circus performer by offering trapeze lessons. Mary Kelly and her outstanding team of flying trapeze artists are true professionals, somehow managing to put minds at ease while leading a group to tumble through the air!

2. Learn to Fly: Flight training and Pilot’s licenses are available for students of all ages. Student pilots can begin their training at any age. They are also permitted to fly solo after the age of 16. For $35/hour + aircraft rental, interested parties can receive their Student Pilot’s Certificate. In addition, a private pilot license is an option. For those who would like to take flying more seriously as an occupation or just a serious hobby this might be the way to go.

3. Night-time Rafting: Every activity is more exciting when it’s dark out! At Core Creek park, you can join a park Naturalist and boating staff member for a moonlit tour on Lake Luxembourg. Learn about the history of this area along with flora and fauna that make it unique. Be prepared to get wet if using our sit on top kayaks; wear secure water shoes. Stay tuned into the Bucks Happening calendar for updates.

4. Hot Air Balloon Rides: Soar over the scenic landscapes of Bucks County and the Delaware River on a thrilling hot air balloon ride that takes off from Doylestown. Balloons can climb over 12,000′ above sea level before pilots and passengers require oxygen. Most flights occur within 2000′ of the ground for more close-up views, skimming treetops, and conversations with those below.

5. Explore the Delaware: Kayak, raft, canoe, or just float on a tube down the Delaware River. This adventure can be tame enough for the family or challenging enough for a thrill-seeker depending on what type of activity you choose and the distance of travel. Pack a picnic, grab the sun-block, and get ready for a fun day on the water.

6. Ringing Rocks Park: Challenging enough for the average hiker, yet family friendly, the rocky adventure continued, this time downhill. Cliffs, boulders, and broken down trees that have been worn down by the elements offer an obstacle course that is just as visually stimulating as it is physically demanding. Take a break wherever you’d like and enjoy some of the natural beauty, especially after a heavy rainfall; the cliffs turn into beautiful rushing waterfalls that provide refreshment in the summer heat. Beyond the main grounds lies a field of boulders that, when hit with hammers, resonate a beautiful tone. Get enough people with enough hammers and you could create some pretty sweet music. Consider this field to be a giant xylophone, with each rock ringing its own specific tone.


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Shad’Toberfest Canceled

As you may have heard, Lambertville was devastated by flooding from Ida.
We decided to cancel Shad’Toberfest. This decision was not made lightly. However, we could not burden the already stressed infrastructure of the City. The festival brings thousands of visitors to Lambertville and that burden would not help our City right now.
The need in Lambertville is great with over half the homes in the City affected by Hurricane Ida’s unprecedented flooding.
There are some people that will spend a year getting their house back to a livable condition and some who will never return to their beloved homes because of the severe damage they sustained. In light of this tragedy, we are working on a fundraiser to benefit those flood victims hit hardest by Hurricane Ida. Stay tuned for details.