Hank O’Donnell

Board Member

 As a 3rd generation entrepreneur, Hank understands both the fierce challenges and the deep satisfaction of leading and growing a successful business. Hank’s early lessons in business came from behind the counter and on the delivery truck of his family’s office supply business.Under his leadership,  Hank successfully grew his family’s firm for 20 years and, when faced with the category killer, Staples, Hank successfully repositioned and sold the firm. Along the way Hank discovered a passion for helping  business owners find success.   Today, from his office in Lambertville, Hank works exclusively with the leaders of small to medium sized firms implementing EOS – The Entrepreneurs’ Operating System. EOS  helps business owners “get a grip on their business” by aligning the entire firm around an exciting future vision, with clear accountability and goals, right people in the right seats and a healthy, positive culture.  Over the last 10 years Hank has successfully  implemented EOS in 127 companies. Hank earned a BSBA from Georgetown University and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Kansas. He has served as President of the Chestnut Hill (PA) Business Association as well as the Chestnut Hill Parking Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to providing shoppers safe and accessible parking. He and his wife, Terri, have lived in Lambertville since 2020 and absolutely LOVE the community. Their 28 year old son, Tim, is a Senior software engineer in Boston. Hank loves cycling and enjoys the beautiful, quiet backroads of Hunterdon and Bucks County. 

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