Lambertville New Hope Free Bridge Repair & Rehabilitation Project

This page will continue to be updated with more information. Last Updated: November 20, 2023


Bucks County Herald Article – Written November 15th – can be found here

DRJTBC Press Release from November 17th – can be found here

What We Know

  • The L/NH bridge will be undergoing a repair and rehabilitation project beginning January 2024 and projected to end in October 2024
  • Traffic will flow one direction westbound to New Hope 7 days a week from January through Memorial Day.
  • All traffic from PA will flow over the Toll Bridge (free to NJ)
  • From Memorial Day to the completion of the project, traffic will flow both directions on Weekends.
  • The walking path will be closed completely beginning January and is projected to reopen by ShadFest
  • Shuttles will run between Lambertville (stopping near the train tracks on Bridge St) and New Hope (stopping at the Bank) during the duration of the walkway closure.
  • At this time, 1 handicapped and 1 additional Suttle are promised, with the potential for more if needed. DRJTBC have received the proposals, and they are being reviewed. The details will be announced as soon as a contract is in place.
  • Color changing LED lights are being added to the underside of the Bridge.
  • Next Bridge Commission meeting – Monday 12/18 10:30 am

Details We’re Seeking

  • Sufficient/timely communication from Bridge Commission regarding timelines.
  • Adequate signage on both sides of the river directing traffic and alternate routes.
  • How are they determining the “need” for additional shuttles?
  • How are they intending to hold the contractors to timelines?

What we’re doing

  • Representation at Bridge Commission meetings to speak on behalf of the Lambertville business community.
  • Communication with the Mayor/Councilmembers regarding impact on business community.
  • Including a link to GLCC website on the Toll Bridge Commission website.
  • Compiling a list of busy weekends to request additional shuttles.
  • Discussing with Mayor the bagging of meters on certain peak weekends in 2024.
  • Lambertville BINGO.

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