Storytelling Arts

Storytelling Arts Inc. is a dynamic organization dedicated to promoting literacy and community engagement through the art of storytelling. Through captivating events, workshops, and outreach programs, we foster creativity and connection, enriching the cultural landscape of our community.

Storytelling Arts Inc. is a vibrant cultural organization committed to enriching our community through the power of storytelling. At the heart of our mission is the promotion of literacy and community engagement. We achieve this through a variety of initiatives tailored to diverse audiences.

Our school-based artist residency programs are designed to improve literacy among students by immersing them in the world of storytelling. Through interactive workshops and performances led by experienced storytellers, students are inspired to develop their creativity and communication skills.

We also offer professional development workshops for teachers, providing them with innovative techniques and strategies to incorporate storytelling into their curriculum. These workshops not only enhance classroom engagement but also foster a love for learning among students.

In our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we host a residency program specifically for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) storytellers. This program provides a platform for underrepresented voices to share their stories and experiences, promoting cultural exchange and understanding within our community.

In addition to our educational programs, we host a variety of local community events throughout the year. Our annual Family Storytelling Festival is a highlight, bringing together families for a day of enchanting stories, interactive activities, and fun for all ages. We also host Storyville, an open mic storytelling night where community members can share their own tales in a supportive and welcoming environment.

Through these initiatives, Storytelling Arts Inc. seeks to foster a culture of storytelling that celebrates diversity, promotes literacy, and strengthens community bonds. Join us in discovering the magic of storytelling and the power of human connection.

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