Troy Wellness Hypnosis & Coaching

We offer Wellness Hypnosis and Life Coaching to women and teens seeking to free themselves of conditioned beliefs, blocks and behaviors that no longer serve them, so they can live their best lives.

                                                                                                Troy Wellness Hypnosis and Coaching has been serving our area since 1989.
We offer state of the art specialty hypnosis, energy and emotional clearing sessions and coaching services.

Allergy Relief, Anxious or Fearful Feelings, Athletic and Stage Performance, Autoimmune Conditions, Better Test Taking,          Caretakers Stress Relief, Diabetes Lifestyle Compliance, Drinking Less (NOT for Alcoholics), Easier Childbirth,                              Fertility Support, Fibromyalgia Symptom Reduction, I.B.S. Symptom Reduction,  Pain Management, Smoking Cessation,  Social Media & Phone Addiction, Sugar Brain Retrain, Surgical Prep and Quicker Home Recovery,  Weight Control and “Virtual Gastric Band” Hypnosis for Weight Release and Eating Retraining.

HEAL THE CAUSE SELF MASTERY METHOD” Sessions                                                                                                   This Heal the Cause Self Mastery Method is a powerful method of the best emotional and energy clearing techniques and hypnosis, that Debra Troy has learned and synthesized over the past 35 years.

It is a transformational modality that has helped Debra guide hundreds of clients to heal the cause of fear, anxiety, stress and tension from past experiences and conditioned beliefs that “run the show” of their lives.

In a Heal the Cause session, we Reveal, Remove and Reframe conditioned beliefs, behaviors and blocks, on a core,  subconscious level, that holds you back, freeing you to live a fulfilled life of passion, purpose and power and make a difference in other people’s lives and on our planet.

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