Claudia Eckel


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Hamster Funeral (36″x48″, 2017), is a mixed-media work on plaster panel. This piece is indicative of textures and themes explored in my work. I am currently experimenting with ways to develop texture in acrylic paint for the “Outside the White Cube” exhibition!

Claudia Eckel Bio

Claudia Eckel is an artist and educator from southeast Pennsylvania. Claudia is currently a mixed media painter as well as a public school art teacher in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She draws inspiration from personal experiences and conversations with her students, melding her interests in juvenile narratives and textural painting into a unique visual language. The depth of surface textures in her work creates history and helps to communicate heavily narrative imagery. Claudia received her MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 2017.

Claudia Eckel CV

Claudia has shown works in group shows throughout Pennsylvania, including exhibitions curated by the State Museum in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Moore College of Art and Design, the Wayne Art Center, The Mainline Art Center, and The Plastic Club.

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