Gordon Haas

Friday Night Fireworks

This piece hosted by: Mansion Inn

Friday Night Fireworks

Gordon Haas Bio

Gordon Haas lives, paints, and runs his gallery in Lambertville, NJ, located right on the historic Delaware River. He is never at a loss for subjects in his hometown, or Italy, where Haas travels to yearly on painting trips. Mr. Haas is best known for his impressionist landscape paintings of Bucks County and Europe.

Gordon Haas CV

1993-2018 Haas Galllery, Lambertville, NJ
2018. Art Gallery of New Hope, PA
2004-07 Haas – Muth Gallery, New Hope, PA
2012-18 Art & Vino, Positano, Italy
2008-09 Gallery of Art, Positano, Italy

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