Joshua Lance

High Waters for a New Hope

This piece hosted by: Caffe Galleria

“High Waters for a New Hope”

Statement: I was using two large brushes often at the same time to mix colors, sort of like drumming to create movement and rhythm. Used several new colors such as pthalo turquoise and rose magneta to create luscious greens and purples. I intentionally left off leaves on the trees because it adds mystery, height and power to the trees, though I did put a few leaves for the other tree which came out good. I added a bit of fantasy such as a man relaxing and a terra-cotta pot for the flowers. Saved the ducks for last, they live here too. It was the first time I painted from a small oil study without the use of photos involved.

Joshua Lance Bio

I enjoy the art of storytelling through my real life experiences. I use a limited palette of primary colors. I enjoy its simplicity. It helps keep me focused and the painting harmonious. Colors are the musical notes I help compose a painting with. Colors and brush strokes reflect my emotional state at that point and I’ve learned to trust it. And learned to honor it. It’s taken many years to trust the process. And I’m proud to be a hard-working student and teacher. There’s always so much to learn, and painting is learning about yourself and life within you and around you. I also think it’s important to pass your knowledge on to others, and I have such joy passing what I have learned to other painters and enthusiasts. I draw and paint what gives my life meaning. Art has saved my life many times.

Joshua Lance CV

2017 Caroline’s Restaurant, Group Show, Danang, Vietnam
2016 Barcelona Int. Art Fair, Sala Cornillas, Group Show, Barcelona, Spain
2016 China Mural Project, Woyang Village, Xinyi Prov, China
2014 Exposure Group Show, Hakka Cultural Park, Taipei, Taiwan
2013 Taipei Art Village Cafe, Solo Art show, Taipei, Taiwan

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