Scarecrow Contest

Presented by the Greater Lambertville Chamber of Commerce

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OCT 1st — OCT 31st

We are very excited to promote our Fourth Annual Scarecrow Contest! Our area is known for celebrating Halloween with Rocky Horror being presented at Music Mountain Theatre this year and the incredibly decorated homes and businesses that draw visitors.


Voting opens on October 14th.

It’s Free To Participate

 We are very excited to announce we will be holding the scarecrow contest again! COVID-19 cannot cancel this annual event!  The Chamber will help promote your scarecrow (and your business!) by sharing your photo on our social media posts, press releases, an ad in the Herald, an online gallery, and a voting poll.


Gather your ideas and materials.

Need some inspiration? Here’s a few ideas to get you started!

Basic: Use some old clothes and a fun t-shirt. Stuff it with hay and call it a day!

Step It Up: Come up with a theme that matches your business. Waiter Scarecrow for your restaurant, or wrap it up with gauze to make a mummy day-at-the-spa scarecrow. You get the idea…

Advanced: Team up with your neighbors, create a theme, and encourage your patrons to visit each location to take a photo of all of your scarecrows.

Register Your Scarecrow Online

Once your Scarecrow comes to life, take a photo in front of your business, and register your scarecrow (see below). Again, it’s FREE to participate.

Promote Your Creation! Share, Post, Make It Go Viral!

Encourage others to participate so we have an army of scarecrows to really make this a blast! The more we have, the more visitors we’ll attract to come to your shops and businesses. The Chamber will be advertising the contest via press releases, social media, and print advertising.

Be A Winner!

From October 1st thru October 31st, the Scarecrow Contest will gather votes to select contest winners. A prize (and a year’s worth of bragging rights) will be awarded to the best scarecrow.

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