Published Nov 16, 2022 / Updated Jan 22, 2023

I agree that I am fully responsible for the licensing of any photos, graphics, or logos that I have uploaded to this website. This includes my business logo, photos of my business employers, team members, and any images I uploaded associated with my listing.

I understand that this is not a social media platform, and that the sole purpose of this website is to positively promote the businesses that are members of the Lambertville Chamber of Commerce and the community and area surrounding Lambertville. I agree that I will only post information accurately describing my business. I further agree that I will not post any hate speech, political speech, derogatory speech, or any content that does not confirm with this statement. I further understand that failure to follow this simple rule will subject me to losing the privilege of using this site with immediate effect and without refund, and may further jeopardize my membership in the chamber.

MISUSE OF SITE FEATURES (added January 22, 2023)
The site features for Members are made with specific outcomes in mind, and have specific functionality and purpose. By using these features, the user agrees to the nature of the feature’s functionality. Is a member misuses these features, such as posting advertisements instead of events, or publishing multiple listings with different information in order to force SEO populate the site to influence SEO, the Chamber has the right to either delete member’s posted content, and/or terminate the member’s account. 

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